Inside Kenya's Death Squads Highly Commended at AIB


Al Jazeera has won a string of international awards, from The Association for International Broadcasting Awards, Amnesty Australia Media Awards and Red Dot respectively.

Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit was presented with the The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) International Current Affairs Documentary award for its documentary Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 at a ceremony in London in November.

Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 is the most exhaustive investigation of Boeings high-profile aircraft yet produced. Starting with the battery failures that caused an unprecedented grounding of the 787 fleet in January 2013, Broken Dreams explores how Boeings flagship product went alarmingly wrong. The film includes shocking new revelations about the safety and quality of the aircraft, including testimony from workers who say they are afraid to fly the plane that they built. Watch the full documentary here  or visit the site for more information.

Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit was also highly commended in the International Investigative Documentary category for Inside Kenya's Death Squads. The unit investigated allegations that Kenya's Anti-Terrorism Police Unit is running an extrajudicial killing programme to eliminate radical Muslims. The Al Jazeera team spoke exclusively to members of the police death squads who carry out the hits. Watch the full documentary here, or visit here for more information.

Al Jazeera English was also highly commended for its coverage of the Nepal earthquake. The disaster of April 25 was a tremendous test for news organisations, but within hours viewers could turn to Al Jazeera to see regular updates from correspondents in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

The real story of the earthquake was the human tragedy that it caused, killing thousands of people and leaving many more homeless and destitute. Al Jazeera reflected this in its powerful news coverage but also in two special programmes marking one week and one month after the disaster.

The AIBs were presented at a gala dinner attended by journalists, editors, producers and directors representing countries across four continents. The AIB is an industry association and global knowledge network for the international broadcasting industry with members from all around the world.
Source: Screen Africa