South Africa: BET ripped away from StarSat subscribers


StarSat subscribers have had their BET channel suddenly ripped away from them with no word nor warning. TVSA has been receiving queries about it through the day which strongly suggests that neither StarSat nor BET has bothered to tell anyone.

The reason it's gone: the BET International channel on StarSat was discontinued on Tuesday (1 December) to coincide with the discontinuation of the BET2 channel on DStv. They're both the same secondary BET channel with different names.

The move coincides with the extension of the main BET channel on DStv. The channel has only been available to Premium subscribers but extended to Compact and Extra subscribers from Tuesday.

In a nutshell: additional subscribers are getting BET on DStv while StarSat subscribers have lost access without being told. There isn't even an explanatory message when you switch to the channel - all you get is an abrupt exclamation that the "programme doesn't exist!", as if you've tried to access something you shouldn't.

Not even StarSat's website knows about it. Quite the opposite. The site has BET as a main headline attraction on the channels page.
Source: TVSA 1 December 2015