WRC-15 safeguards sub-700MHz band for broadcasting in EMEA

Technology & Convergence

European public broadcasters body the EBU has applauded a decision reached at WRC-15 to safeguard the 470-694MHz spectrum band for digital-terrestrial broadcasting in ‘ITU Region 1’ – covering Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, into the next decade.

The decision followed pressure by the mobile telecom lobby to bring the 470-694MHz range into play for alternative uses along with the 694-790MHz range, the part of the UHF spectrum that the WRC decided earlier this week to re-allocate to mobile broadband applications.

The use of the 470-694MHz band will remain unchanged at least until a review of the entire UHF band in 2023, meaning that any change of use is off the agenda at the next WRC in 2019.

According to the EBU, the decision means that ITU Region 1 countries will be able to continue their digital switchover programmes without the risk that of an impending change in the use of the spectrum. The EBU said that national administrations had shown support for broadcasting and that the decision would give certainty and encourage investment in DTT.
Source: Digital TV Europe 27 November 2015