Zimbabwe to replace TV licence fees with monthly charge

Regulation & Policy

Zimbabwean television viewers will have to pay USD 3 to USD 5 per month through Transmedia to watch channels on the digital platform following migration, The Herald reported. This subscription will only enable them to watch programmes on one full spectrum programme channel. Subscription fees for specific bouquets are yet to be set. If implemented, this will end Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's right to levy licence fees.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary George Charamba said the aim is to build the broadcasting industry, as TV channels would access funds from subscriptions from Transmedia. Charamba said in the event that there was a deadlock on payments between a broadcaster and content producers, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) would immediately deliberate on the matter and come up with a resolution within three days. He said BAZ would be entitled to instruct Transmedia to pay the content producer from the broadcaster's dues.

He said the government would not allow broadcasters to delay paying content producers, as that would pose a threat to the industry. He said the access fees will only open access to one full spectrum channel, and viewers will have to pay more for other bouquets.