Africa: 4G-LTE was launched in 24 countries! And Netflix took the continent by storm

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Many industry professionals know that -LTE 4G services were launched in some African countries, but few people know exactly where these  broadband services are operational.

On 1 January 2016, Balancing Act, a consultancy firm specializing analysts on Africa, confirmed that 4G -LTE was launched in 24 African countries!
This is the conclusion of the latest update of its report on 4G-LTE services in Africa.

Other mobile operators in 11 countries have confirmed plans to launch 4G services in the coming years.

Some African countries have already launched tenders, while others are at the stage of technical tests. Some countries have made official the amount of the 4G license fees that operators must pay to have the right to deploy the service, which gives an idea of what 4G will generate for governments.

4G will eventually be deployed in fifty countries throughout Africa within 5 years. As in other populated areas of the world, Africans are beginning to access  broadband Internet, and now can take advantage of solutions such as cloud services, smart TV / OTT solutions and, VOD, and IPTV WebTV.

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This is great news because 4G enables access to VoD services such as Netflix for example.