Africa Magic, Emelonye in partnership on boxing film


Award-winning film producer, Obi Emenloye, is in partnership with Africa Magic for a new film titled Oxford Gardens.

The producer of The Last Flight to Abuja, among other works, says in spite of the successes recorded by films with boxing themes, such as Cinderella Man and The Rocky series, Nollywood does not seem interested in the area.

This, according to him, motivated him to go on location in London to shoot Oxford Gardens, now in cinemas in Nigeria.

He says in a statement, “Nigeria has produced great boxers, old and new. However, for some reason, Nollywood has ignored stories around boxing, in spite of boxing’s gritty nature that would lend itself easily to cinematography. Boxing films over the years have been hugely successful globally because they stir potent emotions in audiences. In Oxford Gardens, I have attempted to tell a moving love story wrapped in boxing gloves. ”

In order to realise this, Emelonye notes, he made contacts with Ngoli Okafor, a two-time Golden Gloves Boxing champion in United States, who played the lead role in the movie, which also stars Ngozi Igwebike, Savanah Roy, D’Richy Emelonye and Priness Abiye.

The new work, which tells the story of a cancer patient who escapes from the hospital to Oxford Gardens where she meets a frustrated retired boxer, where both of them decide to make the best of her last moment on earth, is one of the works being facilitated under the Africa Magic Original Films initiative.

Talking about this partnership, Emelonye says, “AMOF is aimed at supporting the industry in a period of dwindling returns on investment because of the demise of the DVD and stunted development of the cinema sector. Africa Magic would provide budget for film projects and share the ensuing rights with the producers and directors. This kept filmmakers and artistes in work and devised a more sustainable, but frankly speaking, more expensive means of content acquisition for Africa Magic.”
Source: Punch 21 January 2016