Westgate Attack Movie To Be Filmed In South Africa, Here’s Why Kenya Was Overlooked


On a scale of one to ten, Kenya seems to be closer to one than it is to ten as one of Africa’s prime filming destinations.

South Africa on the other hand must be grinning by now as two major movies are set to be shot in the country. One a movie based honoring Kenyan anti-poaching hero Richard Leakey, starring Brad Pitt and produced and directed by his wife Angelina Jolie. The other movie is a new film inspired by the Westgate Mall siege, starring Oscar award-winning actress Hilary Swank.

According to producer, Richard Harding, Kenya is closer to winning the war against malaria than it is in the competition of Africa’s attractive film location.
“Kenya is a beautiful country with a lovely pool of talent. Unfortunately, it is the only country without incentives or rebates to attract filmmakers. That is why many movies about Kenya are made in South Africa,”  Harding said.

The producer then went on to explain;“The government is lenient with licences but the incentives are not there. For example, for $10 million spent making a movie, the South African Government gives back $2 million.”
Source: niaj 3 February 2016