E.tv expands Volicon Observer System to support growth

Technology & Convergence

E.tv has expanded its Volicon Observer digital video monitoring and logging system to accommodate compliance recording for simulcast channels, as well as to support reconciliation of visual as-runs and in-house air-fault investigation.

Aadil Jaffer, senior engineer at e.tv commented, We knew that implementation of the system would be easy, and our staff members already were comfortable using the interface to browse and monitor any channel on the internal IT network and to create clips for mail distribution as needed.

E.tv undertook the upgrade of its Observer system in conjunction with its move to a new facility. The broadcaster now has two eight-channel Volicon systems that capture two SD channels and six HD channels, providing four spares and another four for further expansion.

The Observer system automatically records e.tv broadcasts, with every second captured, time-stamped, and securely maintained so that the station remains in compliance with government regulations for content archiving. Providing convenient access to content, straightforward search functionality, and simple clipping tools via an intuitive browser-based interface, the Volicon system also makes it easy for staff to respond to inquiries whether internal, from the public, or from advertisers with a visual record of performance. When investigating the quality of transmission on simulcast events, staff members use the flexible Observer interface to preview two or three channels simultaneously.

Russell Wise, vice president of global sales at Volicon said, As this popular channel continues to grow, the Observer system will help ensure both the integrity of its on- air product and its responsiveness to viewers, clients, and regulators.
Source: 4RVF 25 February 2016