'Alison' coming to cinemas for Women's Month August 2016


The much-anticipated hybrid feature documentary, Alison, has secured a theatrical release with Black Sheep Films distribution company. Many of us remember the story all too well when in December 1994, two men raped, stabbed and disemboweled Alison after they abducted her from outside her home.

But Alison defied death. And more than that, she denied her attackers the satisfaction of destroying her life. Her book, I have life, published by Penguin SA in 1998, has remained on the Penguin SA bestsellers list and was translated into seven different languages. Alison was also the first ever South African to publicly speak out about being raped, and has become a much-loved motivational speaker in the years that followed.

But the documentary chronicles a lot more than what we think we might already know about this remarkable woman and story, as it's been more than 20 years since the attack.

Alison is a triumphant, deeply personal film with contemporary, real-life fairytale undertones. This is her tale about being her own hero, on her terms, fairy gardens and all. Of how trauma is ongoing, forever lurking in the shadows, ready to show itself at any given moment and devour you all over again, and one woman's fight to keep it at bay. It's a tale of monsters, miracles and hope. An innovative make-a-difference outreach campaign, The Safe Room, is planned to coincide with the life of the film.

The film will feature many real-life heroes from that night, as well as the acting talents of Christia Visser, Zak Hendrikz, De Klerk Oelofse and Francois Maree. Directed by Uga Carlini from Towerkop Creations and made in association with kykNET Films, the DTI, the NFVF and Waterfront Film Studios.

For more information, email info@towerkopcreations.co.za.
Source: Filmcontact