South Africa: Threat of sanctions against Netflix refuted by Film and Publication Board


Last week South Africa's Film and Publication Board (FPB) reportedly gave Netflix a two-week ultimatum to comply with its regulations or face sanctions, but the FPB have said no ultimatum was given.

Kenyan website Standard Digital reported that the FPB chief operating officer Sipho Risiba had imposed licensing fees on Netflix and that the video-on-demand provider had not yet paid.

Risiba allegedly made the remarks in Nairobi last week, where he signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kenya Film Commission. The commission had also sought to regulate Netflix in the Kenyan market.

According to Tech Central the FPB wants to regulate online content distributors, and is demanding up to R795 000. However it must first get the necessary legislative amendments through parliament. Currently there is no definition in the Films and Publications Act of an online content distributor.

According to MyBroadBand the FPB claimed it has not given Netflix an ultimatum of any kind, or threatened sanctions.

The article stated that the FPB is in discussions with Netflix over the classification of its content, but that the dialogue has been amicable.
Source: Screen Africa 22 March 2016