‘Black Bafta’s’ - the Screen Nation Film and Television Awards. - awards took place at the London Hilton Sat. 19 March 2016


The annual Screen Nation Film & Television Awards is the first & only industry related film & TV awards event celebrating the leading professionals of UK & global African Diaspora heritage.
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Every year the Screen Nation Film & Television Awards celebrate the cascade of achievements that have helped enrich world and UK cinema & TV with cultural diversity.

The Awards has confirmed itself as an industry recognised event supported by industry bodies and all of the major terrestrial and satellite broadcasters and has been broadcast on a number of leading channels on the Sky platform since its inception.

This important media event promotes the many world-renowned artists who are held in high esteem by TV and movie lovers around the world, proving that black screen talent of all grades are ready to receive the highest acclaim for their achievements. Combining the glamour of international movie stars alongside British talent, the event has been dubbed by the media as the ‘Black Bafta’s’. The event brings together actors, actresses, directors and filmmakers from many of the UK and the international industries most prestigious and well-known movies & TV shows.

As the event continues to grow and strengthen, other creative developments including further development of The Foundation, a unique professional membership body, study bursaries, and a unique online ‘Hall of Frame’ all help to create an environment which confirms the Screen Nation Awards as a unique, credible and high quality industry related media brand for the global black film and television media community.
Source: Webberdoo.co.uk 21 March 2016