Countdown to official launch of Africanews TV – 2 Days before D-day


Africanews appears on your television screens on April 20. In this article, discover something new about the channel on a daily basis till the launch of sub-Saharan Africa’s first multilingual and independent channel.

At our head office in Pointe Noire (Congo), Pan-Africanism is an every-day experience: more than fifty African men and women, English speakers as well as Francophones (we’re on target for both gender and linguistic parity) work here, thirty of them in the newsroom, the heartbeat of our organization.

At any given moment, day and night, news flows in from our 45 correspondents around the continent. The Morning Call team, dedicated to our sunrise program, starts arriving at 2am.

8 “seniors” – the name of our subeditors, as a homage to Africa’s ancestral noblesse of age – are present, in shifts, around the clock. And so are the two bosses of our newsroom, Veronica Kwabla and Nathalie Wakam (in clear violation of gender balance).
Source: African