Euronews presents a new programme: Aid Zone


Euronews presents Aid Zone, a new monthly 5-minute programme looking at humanitarian crisis around the world with an insight at the plight of refugees, migrants and the organisations who are trying to help them.

On the frontline, Euronews reporter Monica Pinna follows the daily work of humanitarian workers and tells the stories of people that have lost so much.

Each episode, broadcast monthly, explores a particular project funded by the European Union in a different country or region.

The first episode looks at the World Food Programme in Gaziantep, Turkey.

In each report Aid Zone stresses the personal stories behind the news; the human interest angles. It gives a voice to refugees and displaced people, by allowing them to talk about their experiences, their hopes for the future and their fears, in their own words.

Aid Zone shows the very real difference EU aid makes - what the money is spent on and how it transforms lives.
Source: Euronews Press Release