(Sun 21 August 2016 – Wed 24 August 2016)
 “Africa Media Research in a Globally Connected Word”


PAMRO is now calling for the submission of synopses for the 2016 PAMRO Conference.

Presentations will address a wide range of subjects in the field of Media Audience research and because of the Multimedia; nature of PAMRO should cover subjects in the field of Television audience research, as well as the measurement and status of Radio, Print, Online, Mobile, Social Media and Out of Home Media in Africa.

The deadline for submitting synopses and requests to speak is 17th June. Please send your proposed paper synopses to Jennifer Daniel at Pamro

Submission Guidelines

Maximum Synopsis Length: 300 Words
Synopses should enable PAMRO to judge the likely quality of the final paper and its usefulness to delegates. Papers which show no results and no supporting data are strongly discouraged.

The 17th PAMRO Meeting and All Africa Media Research Conference will take place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on 21 – 24 August 2016.

Each synopsis must include:
The title of the proposed paper
The name of the author(s)
Their organisation and positions
Their telephone number and email address
Synopses and any queries should be sent to the PAMRO at pamro@pamro.org
(Please see the PAMRO Guidelines for Speakers Attached)
For information about previous conferences, please log onto www.pamro.org for further details. Regards
Jennifer Daniel
Executive Director

Tel: +27 11 8044489 Email: pamro@pamro.Org Website: www.pamro.org
PAMRO Your Gateway into Africa
Jennifer Daniel (South Africa); Jonadab Egbowon (Nigeria); Sifiso Falala (SA); Monica Kambo (Kenya); Josiah Kimanzi (Nigeria) Joe Otin (Kenya) (President); Mluleki Ncube (SA); Filipa Oliveira (Angola); Oresti Patricios (SA) Major Tikiwa (Zimbabwe)

The following guidelines are to be adhered to please:
If you use Power Point slides, your opening slide must show the agreed title of the presentation. This will be printed in the formal programme. Your name and your company’s name as well as your designation. We will supply you with a template to populate. No company name on other slides please. Please ensure you keep with the standard PAMRO template supplied
The font size must be large enough (preferably not smaller than 28) so that people in the back row of a sizable room will still be able to read it
Commercial presentations are not allowed in the main body of the programme but commercial breakfast sessions are available on a first come first served basis. These are a very good opportunity and you will be allocated an hour for your sales pitch. The breakfasts will be on Tuesday and Wednesday morning of the conference
Speakers must stay within the allowed time, 20 minutes per presentation. There are many papers to get through and Session chairs will control the time that is taken per paper as we need to keep to the schedule
To ensure the smooth running of the conference, all presentations will be loaded on one laptop . Papers must be sent to PAMRO at pamro@pamro.org not less than ten (10) days prior to the conference so that this can be done. We have experienced problems in the past with late admissions. Please make sure your paper is complete and ready to send to us by 10th August 2016.
If you have a technical reason why your presentation must be done using your own computer, please advise PAMRO ASAP.
Please bring a back-up copy on a memory stick.
Please note that all speakers are expected to pay the normal conference fee as well as their travel, accommodation and other expenses.
Source: Press release


Announcing the Bellagio Center Residency Award Winners

The Africa Centre is pleased to announce the artists selected by The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center as part of our 2015 Artists In Residency Programme.
After receiving a large number of applications, across artistic disciplines, we shortlisted 24 artists on behalf of the Bellagio Center. Based on their specific interests, the following artists were selected:
1.   Lauren Ann Beukes  (Author | South Africa)
2.   Tsitsi Dangarembga (Author. Filmmaker | Zimbabwe)
3.   Victor Ehighale Ehikhamenor (Author. Visual Artist. | Nigeria)
4.   Yared Zeleke (Filmmaker | Ethiopia)
5.   Fathy Adly Salama (Performing Artist | Egypt)

These additional five artists bring the total to 14 who were accepted into nine different residencies around the world as part of the 2015 Programme. Over the next two weeks, we will be releasing more information about these artists on www.africacentre.net  as well as our social media platforms.

The Africa Centre will be launching the 2016 call for applications in the second half of this year.  



CrowdFunding - Call for funds and sponsors on www.kickstarter.com

Film projects related to Africa trying to raise money on www.kickstarter.com

Image du projet
Africa's Premier League
Africa is a Country

The story of Africa's long-distance love affair with English football, told by fans in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya & DR Congo.
 Brooklyn, NY
Financé à
105 %
2 111 £
de fonds engagés
jours restants
 Image du projet
Africa: Black is still beautiful

“Skin bleaching is a problem in Africa where women believe that white women are the standard of beauty. I intend to change this notion.
 Washington, DC
Financé à
0 %
0,00 $
de fonds engagés
jours restants
 Image du projet
Journeys that Changed the World: Dance of Death
Peter Furst & Garnet Mae

Filmmakers Peter Furst and Garnet Mae continue their series on Journeys that Changed the World, crossing Africa from coast-to-coast.
 Sydney, AU
Financé à
20 %
1 036 $
de fonds engagés
jours restants
 Photo original
Malawi, Africa: A Documentary About An Orphanage.
Help me create a fabulous documentary about an orphanage in Malawi, Africa!

par Sebastian Jones et 20 contributeurs
Photo original
NYC PictureStart Film Festival Visits South Africa project
NYC PictureStart Film Festival launches visiting series project in South Africa, screening South African & international short films.

par Benjamin Arredondo et 80 contributeurs
Photo original
Heart of Africa
A former revolutionary from the Congo and a farm boy from Idaho: missionary companions in Africa. Can they transcend their pasts?

par Margaret Blair Young et 412 contributeurs
Photo original
Sangoma - Discovering Shamans of South Africa
In this feature film, a team of consciousness-explorers chronicle their adventure to bring home the shamanic wisdom of South Africa.

par Niklas Schrimpf et 98 contributeurs
Photo original
Thank you for supporting “Portraits from South Africa”
"Portraits from South Africa" is a feature length documentary film that is moving into post-production.

par Iris Dawn Parker et 54 contributeurs
Photo original
TFK Africa Roadshow
Three week screening tour of The Forgotten Kingdom in South Africa and Lesotho. Help us bring the film home!

par Andrew Mudge et 109 contributeurs
E9f637105a78aed09d41dbc7dcb6a214 original
IN THE LAND OF OU MAKAI - A Bushman Odyssey
One Bushman family’s struggle to survive genocide, dispossession and post-apartheid freedom in South Africa.

par Richard Wicksteed et 134 contributeurs
Photo original
FESPACO African Film Festival Short Film
A short film for Africa's premiere film festival, shot entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area.

par sky tandberg et 6 contributeurs
5312f0a973775a11352561f27955f43e original
One Sky Project
Pilots travel Africa to film documentaries & bring light to the great work of several NGOS on the ground so they can make a difference!

par Brian Morris et 171 contributeurs
Photo original
Cornucopia of Africa
Two American girls embarking on a journey to East Africa in search of what truly bonds humanity.

par Helen et 28 contributeurs
Photo original
The main purpose of the festival is to provide a platform for African films, art and culture in Wales.

par Fadhili et 20 contributeurs
Photo original
Kristin Bauer's "Out For Africa" Documentary
A journey to Africa to explore it's land, it's people, and a deeper look into the poaching and slaughter of Africa's majestic animals

par kristin bauer et 668 contributeurs
Photo original
A Ghanaian student's vision of his future takes a sudden turn after his father's death. Obligation and ambition clash in modern Africa.

par Rasquaché Film Productions et 266 contributeurs
Photo original
Across Africa: Morocco to South Africa in Search of Unsung Heroes
Seeking funding to complete post-production on a video documenting a journey across Africa, telling the stories of unsung heroes.

par Alicia Sully et 88 contributeurs
Photo original
Film to Give: Stories For Change-Makers
Film to Give is a web series that gives the world's real change-makers a voice. To film these untold stories, we'll travel to Asia & Africa. Join us!

par James Connolly & Rachelle Escaravage et 150 contributeurs
Photo original
Fall and Recover: A Refugee Dance Film
War torture survivors from Africa and The Middle East overcome their traumatic pasts through movement and dance therapy, in Ireland.

par Jason Somma + Erinn Clancy et 92 contributeurs
Coups de cœur Photo original
"This is National Wake," the film.
"This is National Wake" is a documentary film that tells the story of South African punk pioneers National Wake.

See more here