KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission Township Screenings Pilot


The KwaZulu- Natal Film Commission Film Commission is proud to announce its community outreach programme that will take place in townships around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal from 21 June -25 June 2016, during the Durban International Film Festival. The KwaZulu- Natal Film Commission is mandated to promote film in the province and to increase the participation of the previously disadvantaged. The initiative is geared towards audience development that is taking cinema to communities that do not have cinemas.

The year 2016 is an important year for the province’s film industry as this year marks 100 years of film in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. It is important therefore that the people of the province not only celebrate the art but also support local content and the producers who made the South African film industry the globally competitive industry it is today. The film screenings in the community will therefore be a celebration of South African cinema and an acknowledgement of the good work that is being done by South African filmmakers in telling the South African story.

From 16 June – 26 June 2016, Durban will host Africa’s biggest film festival – The Durban International Film Festival. It is important for the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission that the people of the province not only participate in this festival but that cinema audiences are developed and enhanced in celebration of the film producers who went against all odds to ensure that the film industry was inclusive of previously disadvantaged individuals and especially those who have received the accolades and continue to create films that celebrate South African culture. “We are committed to ensuring an increase in the support of local content as that will have a positive impact on our economy and enhance the sustainability of the industry. The increase of audience participation will also be an inspiration to our filmmakers to produce content that is celebrated and appreciated by their local communities and national audiences.” Carol Coetzee, KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission CEO.

The screenings will be of memorable South African films that were produced in the new democracy of the country, post-Apartheid. Sarafina, produced during the Apartheid era was an important Anti-Apartheid film and helped to mobilise communities around the world to oppose and overthrow the Apartheid regime. Mapantsula also produced in the 1980’s was a political film of its time, a satirical portrayal of a small time criminal against the backdrop of Apartheid South Africa.

The screenings will be open to all on a first come, first serve basis. The screening venues are as follows:
Date                Venue                                             Screenings Schedule
21/06/2016     Lamontville Community Hall              10-12am & 2-4pm
22/06/2016     Chesterville Community Hall              10-12am & 2-4pm
                      Bat Centre                                        5-7pm
23/06/2016     Fashion Council – Point Waterfront     5-7pm by invite only
24/06/2016     Claremont Community Hall                10-12am & 2-4pm
                      KwaMashu – K Cap                           10-12am & 2-4pm
25/06/2016     Umlazi V Section Hall                        10-12am & 2-4pm
Bat Centre                                                             10-12am

The Films to be screened are: Sarafina, Otelo Burning, Ayanda, Jerusalema, Yesterday, Man on Ground, Hear Me Move and Tsotsi.

The screenings are in honour of the late Simon “Mabhunu” Sabela, a son of the province, who was a legend in film and television and who we will continue to commemorate. Not only was he South Africa’s first recognised Black film director, but he also had a long and successful career which saw him feature in over 34 films, both nationally and internationally
Source: The Call Sheet