Zambezi Magic and NBC to broadcast a new Zimbabwean soap


Wenera, a Zimbabwean film production currently available on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Television is all set to be broadcast on Zambezi Magic and Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) screens. The soapie, which was created, written and directed by Eddie Ndhlovu, was premiered on ZBC-TV in July last year and is currently under viewing on Zambezi Magic TV South Africa.

In an interview Eddie Ndhlovu told The Southern Times: “Initially, we approached Zambezi Magic with our series and that was last year in July. The people we are dealing with from the broadcasting stable loved the concept and asked us to bring some samples of ‘Wenera’ saying they wanted to assess the video quality first and we gave them”.

“Unfortunately, the series did not have any English subtitles to cater for the audience that cannot understand Shona. As such, the Zambezi Magic crew asked us to add English subtitles and we have so far added subtitles on the first three episodes of ‘Wenera’,” said Ndhlovu.

“The episodes are currently under viewing process by the Zambezi Magic crew and one of the crew members, Kwangu, communicated with us through an email saying that he was happy and keen to have ‘Wenera’ as one of the new programmes coming in this year,” added Ndhlovu.

On the other hand, Eddie Ndhlovu said he is in the process of getting the Zimbabwean series screened on Namibia’s NBC. He said NBC told them to prepare at least five episodes with English subtitles for the series to go under viewing.
Source: Nextvame 13 June 2016