GOtv Kenya subscription rate goes up

Regulation & Policy

After the recent increase in prices for GOtv’s subscription in Malawi, the rate is now going up in Kenya. As reported by Business Daily, GOtv, the digital TV product of MultiChoice has elevated the prices of two of its monthly tariff plans by 8.5%. The two monthly subscriptions concerned are GOtv Value and GOtv Plus.

As from now on, GOtv Value will increase from KES 599(5.92USD) to KES 650(6.43USD) and the other subscription, GOtv Plus will rise from KES 849(8.39USD) to KES 920(9.09USD). Note that, the tariff plan for GOtv Lite is not going to change, be it the yearly one (21.94USD) or monthly (10.97USD) or that of every three months (5.149USD). Actually, the resulting hike in the GOtv’s tariff is due to the recent announcement about its sister channel, DStv proclaimed a one-year augmentation freeze.

The arrival of GOtv in Africa was done so that the less fortunate ones who wish to enjoy some DStv channels could do so at a lower rate. GOtv subscribers also helped the residents of Africa to be involved in the digital migration shift from the analogue. However, the accessing price of GOtv’s subscription fee has been altered several times.
Source: Nextvame 14 June 2016