Cartoon Network & Urban Brew collaborates to launch Pop-Up Party in Africa


Cartoon Network, the satellite television channel airing children’s programmes owned by Time Warner through the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary, and Urban Brew (the African content creator owned by Kagiso Media) are partnering together to launch ‘Pop Up Party’. The new programme will kick off on Cartoon Network, channel 301 on DStv.

It is a children’s programme, produced regionally, to be broadcasted in South Africa. Primarily, the show will revolve around fad dances that have been the most popular on the internet during the past few years. The home-grown series are short inserts that aim at entertaining the very young audience in Africa.

Confident about the launch’s success, Pierre Branco, the vice president and managing director of Turner Africa said: “Over the last couple of years, the Internet has seen many viral dance fads that have taken the Internet by storm and got the world moving, but this will be on a whole other level as it will be aimed specifically at kids on the African market, which has not experienced this directly”.

He also added that: “Turner is proud of our audience on the African continent and to show our commitment to Africa, Cartoon Network will be producing more local inspired shows, using some of Africa’s best and most inspiring talents”.
Source: NexTVNews 11 July 2016