Five dynamic women search for love in new Lifetime Reality Show #Blacklove


Don’t miss the new 10-part reality show #Blacklove which follows five African American women as they navigate through a tough dating pool in New York City in search of true love.

#BlackLove premieres on Friday, August 19, at 20h00 on Lifetime® (DStv Channel 131) and features five dynamic career women who are also looking for success in love.
Today’s successful modern black women have groomed themselves to have it all, beauty, intelligence, and thriving careers. There’s just one thing that they want more than anything which often eludes them and that is a partner to share their lives with.
In #Blacklove, audiences follow Tennesha Wood, Laree “LA” Thomas, Jahmil “Jae” Eady, Cynthia Branch and Monet Bell  who are all at various stages in their romantic relationships.
Each week, the women will attend a workshop with experts Damona Hoffman and Jack A. Daniels, examining a provocative theme related to black love, which will ignite a controversial conversation about the topic. By exploring these provocative topics our women will take their learnings forward into each week’s quest for love.
Throughout each episode the experts will provide commentary about what each woman is doing, right and wrong. With comment from men on the street, can these women win at love?

Episode details
Sexy in the City (August 19): The first episode introduces viewers to five dynamic black women in New York City, including newly single Monet Bell from season one of Married at First Sight, as they embark on a unique journey to uncover what they are doing wrong when it comes to finding love. They will go on dates to discover what they like and don't like in a potential partner and gain insights about their obstacles through emotional therapy sessions.
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons (August 26): All of the women start making strides towards finding their own version of a happy ending. Tennesha and Errol decide to become exclusive, but Laree just isn't ready to tell Karl she loves him, even though he has expressed that sentiment to her. Cynthia finds it hard to venture out on her own after her tumultuous separation, and Monet finally peace in her divorce when she decides to throw a `freedom' party to celebrate!
Bringing Sexy Back (September 2): The five women work on getting what they want in a relationship by being more open and learning to communicate properly. Cynthia, after dealing with a heart-breaking separation, goes on her first date in several years, with disastrous results.
Like a Virgin (September 9): All of the women are struggling with what makes a successful relationship work, so the experts advise them to explore how to break down some of their walls. Jahmil has an emotional breakdown and reveals that a past heartbreak is holding her back from committing to another person.
Miss Independent (September 16): All five of these women are independent and strong willed, and because of this, they've faced strife in their relationships, past and present. Tennesha is ready to introduce the ladies to Errol at her housewarming party, but her nervousness leads to her controlling nature coming out again. Can she rein it in before she drives Errol away?
Pack Your Bags (September 23): In order to truly move forward towards healthy and happy relationships, these five women must start letting go of all their baggage. Cynthia battles with finally ending her marriage, Monet deals with her ticking clock, and Tennesha reveals that she is keeping a huge secret from Errol.
Feeling Some Kinda Way (September 30): The women are pushed by the experts to dig deeper in order to move forward towards intimate love. When Damona sends the ladies to learn sensual massage techniques, it's clear that it's been a while since Monet has been close to man.
Maybe Baby (October 7): As the women focus on what commitment means to them, Cynthia reveals a shocking secret to the ladies that may have led to her divorce.
Crash the Party (October 14): With just one week left in the workshops, the women consider the idea of "The One." The ladies are stunned when Jahmil finally comes to a decision about Bentley and if he's the one for her.
Sealing the Deal (October 21): Despite having gone through a life changing process in the past 10 weeks, the women still have issues to resolve before the week is up in order for them to get their love lives in check.
Source: JAG Communications