'The Morning Call': now LIVE daily for 60 minutes


'The Morning Call' is Africanews' flagship programme, and has won a dedicated following across the continent. This ground-breaking news bulletin is presented live from Africanews' Pointe-Noire studio by two journalists: French-speaking Hannane Ferdjani and English-speaking Robert K'Odingo. On August 1st 2016, Africanews launched a new format for 'The Morning Call' as the show's duration doubled from 30 to 60 minutes and changed to a LIVE format.

Since it was launched on April 20th 2016, 'The Morning Call' remains the only daily show to be presented simultaneously in French and English. In order to provide even more African and international news, additional news items and expertise will be provided through its collaboration with specialists and correspondents from across Africa.

The first 30 minutes will remain focused on the latest African and international headlines in 'Le Journal de l'Afrique' and 'Le Journal du Monde' - with duplexes with Africanews correspondents and analysts across the continent - as well as newspaper reviews.

The second 30 minutes will be devoted to an in-depth analysis of a particular topic (a new one will be selected each day) in an item called 'Grand Angle'. 'The Morning Call' team will be joined by a journalist from the Africanews newsroom, who will be the expert on the chosen subject, be it Culture, Hi-tech, Business, Travel or Sport.

 'The Morning Call' will wrap up with a diary of events to follow during the day, recommended by our two deputy editors-in-chief, Veronica Kwabla and Nathalie Wakam.
Source: Press Release