From Nollywood to Shujaaz: how the internet is shaking up African entertainment

Technology & Convergence

From low-budget action movies to ‘Africa’s Netflix’, smartphones and the internet are kickstarting innovation in film and TV

From the juggernaut that is Nigeria’s Nollywood to the budget action films made in the suburbs of Uganda’s capital, Africa’s entertainment industry is on the rise and constantly innovating.

And thanks in large part to faster and more affordable internet connectivity, it is also breaking free from traditional production and distribution models.

The self-taught Ugandan director Isaac Nabwana makes an action-packed movie every few months, at a cost of less than $200, in a Kampala slum called Wakaliga. His studio Ramon Film Productions – which uses props made from scrap metal and condoms filled with food colouring for fake blood – has drawn such attention that the area is now known as “Wakaliwood”. Read the full story here: 
Source: The Guardian