Kenya Meets New York to develop film industry


In Africa, millions live in crowded slums. Youth survive but don't thrive. At Kibera Film School youth trainees develop talents, tell their stories, become role models and transform their communities.

A Facebook page reported that Josphat Keya (24) from Kibera Nairobi-Kenya just received a scholarship to go attend a film fellowship at the Ghetto Film School in the Bronx, NYC USA for two months (July-August 2011). Josphat is a trained filmmaker at Kibera Film School. For the first time in his life, Josphat will travel outside the African continent. He will represent the youth of Kibera, with its hopes and talents. No youth in Kibera has ever achieved such an honour. Josphat wrote “I am humbled and proud at the same time”.

But there is a limitation and a challenge to this honour writes Josphat: “My family and community have no funds to pay for me to stay in New York. I am sharing this video with you to hear my story, and also see how my community has reacted to this. You can join my community of supporter’s here:  Your donations will make it possible for me to accept the Ghetto Film School film fellowship program and return to Kibera to inspire and train other slum youth.”

72% of urban Africans live in slums. Kibera is an extensive shantytown, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Most of the people living in Kibera are children and youth. Kibera Film School, the first ever in an African slum, opens up new creative possibilities for young women and men. Youth trainees develop their talents, tell their stories, become role models that transform their communities. Kibera Film School trainees will inspire youth living in slums throughout Africa.

Youth are trained in all aspects of film making - scriptwriting, casting, acting, camera, sound, editing, marketing and distribution. Trainees film their own stories and local events, share their films and get feedback at community screenings.

 “Hot Sun Foundation is changing the story of conflict, poverty and despair in Africa. Working with youth in Nairobi, we are telling a new collective story of Africa of hope, innovation and creativity” said Nathan Collett, Managing Trustee, Hot Sun Foundation.

Funding Information
Total Funding Received to Date: $17,721
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $7,279
Total Funding Goal: $25,000