Tshwane gets community TV


As from 1 June 2011 South Africa’s capital city, Tshwane, will have its own community TV station. A terrestrial platform, Tshwane Television (TTV) is in the same frequency band as SABC1, 2 and 3, covering 85% of the Tshwane region. The station plans to go omni-directional in the future so that its footprint will cover a lot more areas outside the city.

TTV is currently on air broadcasting a preview and teasers of what’s to come following the launch. It is positioned as a new urban and contemporary platform aimed at providing high quality programming that’s entertaining, informative and educational. The station is also committed to programmes of local relevance, talent and events coverage based on a pluralist approach enabling broad programme coverage.

“Our strategy is to create a modern brand that people would want to associate with,” says creative director David Phume. “We have also gone to great lengths to produce on-air imaging and branding that is impactful, eye-catching and of high quality. This is the standard we have set as we believe our viewers deserve a good quality television experience.

“The schedule has been designed to keep our viewers entertained and it is in line with our brand placement strategy. To kick off, our normal daily schedule consists of these genres – news, lifestyle, kids, soapies, factual, educational, drama series, documentary, movies and local programming.”

TTV has been in development for a year. Following disruptions caused by trial and error it has since been under the management and support of Zallywood Pty Ltd, which consists of several subsidiaries that are key in broadcast, television and media.

“Our primary mandate is to provide and create opportunities within the greater community of Tshwane through skills development in media and television. The station is in the process of developing workshops and auditions which will take place at the Tshwane events centre,” concludes Phume.