Regulation & Policy - In Brief

Regulation & Policy

- In Rwanda on 17 June 2011, local journalists met to revise the provisional "Code of Conduct" and come up with a final version. The document – made of 26 articles - will help journalists in their self-regulation following the decision by the government to leave practitioners to regulate themselves. The code of conduct does not deviate from international or national laws which govern the press. "It does not mean that a journalist who doesn't abide by this document will be punished; it will only equip them with guiding principles to serve the society better, and operate within the confines of the law," said Jean Bosco Rushingabigwi, one of those who prepared the paper. Source: the New Times, Emma Prince.

- Anhri has condemned the brutal attack by Sudanese security forces on an Al Jazeera team in South Kordofan state, Sudan. The team was beaten by the security forces, then driven away by force for an investigation. The Al Jazeera team, consisting of reporter Osama Sayed, photographer Ahmed Yassin, engineer Ali Abu Shala and driver Moussa Blou, was heading to Deling city in South Kordofan to cover news when they were stopped by local soldiers at a checkpoint