Triton Digital can boost Africa radios’ audiences

Technology & Convergence

Triton Digital’s Streaming Division, a leading global streaming company is looking to expand relationships with Africa’s established and emerging broadcasting companies. Triton Digital has operations in South Africa under their sister company “Spacial”.
In Africa, radio streams have got to go out as perfect and lossless as possible. It's also got to hit a specific target, not a shotgun over-the-air audience. Most importantly, it's got to come back with data attached. Who consumed? Where? For how long? What device?
The African radio industry is growing exponentially and Triton Digital is in a unique position to help African (and Middle East) broadcasters capitalize on the current opportunities in online audience reach and interaction. 
As a real life example, using Triton Digital’s Streaming solution, a North American radio station saw a 51.6% increase in “Average Active Sessions” (Data based on M-F 6a – 8p day part) over 12 months. Year to date, that number has already increase by 25%, boosting its audience level.

As Africa’s younger generation is moving to social networks, radio stations can get their clients to advertise to their target audience with tailored campaigns which tap into the different online media outlets they're using. Triton Digital also designs interactive online advertising campaigns suited to your radio’s audience's interests both online and through mobile devices utilizing display, audio, video or whatever the right tool for the job may be.
Triton Digital’s Streaming Division, formerly called “StreamTheWorld”, is the first ever end-to-end technology provider for the streaming marketplace offering content delivery, audience measurement, ad insertion and real- time proof of performance.
Founded in 2005, the company is currently streaming more than 2,000 radio and TV stations with a global footprint in over 25 countries including Middle Eastern countries United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan.

Current clients include major broadcasters such as CBS Radio, AOL Radio, Arabian Radio Network, Sawt El Ghad, Gulf News Broadcasting, Channel 4 Radio Network, Dubai Media Inc., amongst others.
For more information, please visit the company’s website here; or contact Michel Zeidan at - Tel.: +1 514 448 4037 x 2672