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Technology & Convergence

- The Drifta decoder for DStv mobile is set to receive a BlackBerry application, but development has been delayed. DStv Mobile revealed on its Twitter account and in its forum late in 2010 that it is busy developing a BlackBerry application for their Drifta mobile TV receiver.

- The international version of the BBC’s iPlayer will be “a very different proposition” to the domestic version, BBC Worldwide’s president of worldwide networks and global iPlayer Jana Bennett said at the Banff World Media Festival in Canada on 14 June 2011. Bennett explained that the global iPlayer will create editorially-curated collections across genres including music, comedy, factual, natural history, children’s programmes and other genres. Bennett also mentioned that the global iPlayer will complement BBC Worldwide’s international channels rather than cannibalise them.
Bennett also used her speech to unveil plans to grow BBC Worldwide’s portfolio of channels, the new BBC Earth channel (natural history content) and premium HD service.