Ivory Coast to stop issue of analogue broadcasting licences

Regulation & Policy

A new legislation is in preparation for broadcasting in Ivory Coast. The government has approved the law project which has the objective to no longer authorise the issue of analogue broadcasting licences.

Bruno Koné Nabagné, the Government’s spokesman revealed: “The future law essentially incorporates recent technological developments in the distribution of audio-visual contents on various platforms including TNT, the ADSL, fiber optics”.

The proposed legislation will now be submitted to the National Assembly. The digital migration in Ivory Coast started this year in March and it is still in its first phase. Control test were performed in 1000 households. The beginning of December this year will bring along the process of digital switch over from the analogue signal and will end in July 2018.

Ivory Coast is actually late in the digital switch over process, just like other African countries meeting the requirements of the international telecommunications Union (ITU). Elsewhere, countries of the west sub-African regions have opted for new resolutions within the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

Source: NextvAfrica 5 September 2016