The NFVF call for Cycle 2 applications now open

The NFVF is pleased to announce that the call for Cycle 2 is now open for all the funding categories; Education and Training; Development (of feature films, documentaries and TV Concepts); Production (of feature films and documentaries) and Marketing and Distribution.

Individuals, companies and organisations may submit funding applications to the NFVF in any of these funding categories. Specific conditions are applicable in each funding category, and it is important for applicants to take careful note of these conditions before submitting an application.

The NFVF calls for applicants for the following areas of funding:

Training Provider

Market and Film Festival attendance

Film Festival Grant

Marketing and Distribution

Production and Development

Opening date for submission - 2nd September 17H00

Closing date for submission - 7th October 17H00

To ensure smooth application process, the NFVF has introduced an online application portal for the industry.

Application forms can be accessed from the NFVF website or on the following link:

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Applicants need to register online. For enquiries or any issues related to the online portal, emails should be send to feedback@nfvf.co.za

For any queries regarding applications please email to the following:

Thandekile Sishange


The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is governed by the National Film and Video Foundation Act 73 of 1997 as amended by Cultural Laws Amendment Act 36 of 2001. The mandate of the NFVF, in terms of section 3 of the Act, is:

To promote and develop the film and video industry;

To provide and encourage the provision of opportunities for persons, especially from disadvantaged communities to get involved in the film and video industry;

To encourage the development and distribution of local film and video products;

To support the nurturing and development of access to the film and video industry;

To address historical imbalances in the infrastructure and distribution of skills and resources in the film and video industry.


Film Independent Project Involve announces LAIKA Animation Fellowship for emerging filmmakers

Film Independent Project Involve has announced the LAIKA Animation Fellowship for emerging filmmakers. Emerging filmmakers with a focus in animation and who come from diverse backgrounds and communities underrepresented in film and television are invited to apply by 19 August 2016.

Along with a select group of 25 to 30 rising film professionals, the chosen filmmaker will participate in Project Involve, a nine-month Lab comprised of mentoring, workshops, short film production experience and opportunities to connect with working artists throughout the year.

The 2017 LAIKA Animation Fellowship will provide the selected filmmaker with a US$10,000 grant.

The Project Involve programme takes place from October to June, culminating in a showcase of the collaborative short films at the LA Film Festival.

For more information email artistdevelopment@filmindependent.org.

Apply now here