‘Change-Makers: African of the Diaspora’, series by Power Woman. Audiovisual Production

7 October 2016


This show is in high demand, with the current role of Africans living abroad. Many people have misconstrued ideals of what truly goes on and thus it turns into false hope. This show will highlight the perilous journey individuals had to undertake after leaving their home. The aim is to promote the truth and give people realistic expectations. Also highlight the successes of each individual and their influence in their own community.

There is no straight path to success–it’s full of obstacles and challenges. These pioneers carve some time out to let us know the ins and outs out of their journey to success. We will go in depth to analyze their challenges and exactly how they overcame them. The aim of this project is to give: valuable advice to the future generation and to anyone who wants to come to the Diaspora. Through the series we hope to show the talents and amazing capacities of the African Youth within the Diaspora but also from the continent.

To have a complete representation of Africa, we have selected 2 guests from: North, South, East, West and Central Africa. All the guests come from a diverse background that influenced their personal and work paths. We will tap into their everyday life, see all the mundane things that make their journey spectacular. The series will have 10 episodes representing each of the guests and will last about 25 minutes. Shooting will take place between New York and Paris.

Source: Press Release