Dev cuts deal to make a movie based on African indie RPG Aurion

20 October 2016


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan developer Kiro'o Games has made a deal with film production company Good Fear Film that will see the latter making a movie based on the game, an RPG inspired by African music, myth and culture.

News of the deal comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, and seems like a notable step for Cameroon-based Kiro'o -- one of many game development outfits based in Africa seeking to make games for a global audience and strengthen the continent's nascent presence in the game industry.

"My team and I are very excited to see our game become a movie in Hollywood," stated Kiro'o founder Madiba Olivier. "It is something we’ve dreamed about since the beginning."

It's also significant for Kiro'o because Aurion is the studio's inaugural release, having been released back in April to some measure of critical acclaim after the studio ran a successful Kickstarter to crowdfund its development.
Source: Gamasutra 11 October 2016

Watch Madiba Guillame Olivier, Kiro’o Games talk about the game: