East Africa: Rwandan-Burundian Actors to Launch Movie for Charity

20 October 2016


Rwanda and Burundian youth film activists have joined efforts to collect funds from the new film 'Ca Inkoni Izamba' set to be launched on October 21, 2016.

The film will be presented before the media and local cinema association officials where critics will decide on whether it should be officially launched on November 18 or not.

Fleury Ndayirukiye, the film director, told The Rwanda Focus that they used professional actors and actresses from both Rwanda and Burundi.

"We want to make it a professional one and we hope the public will like it due to the creativity within its production," says Ndayirukiye, a Burundian refugee registered in Rwanda.

Produced by Kigali-Buja Films, the movie features a numbers of cinema personalities from both countries like Vianney Kayumba and Ronger Irunga from Rwanda as well as Burundi's Danny Mugisha.

Money collected from this film will be used to visit a yet to be selected Burundian refugee camp in Rwanda.

"The funds from 'Ca Inkoni Izamba' will be used to visit Burundian refugees in one the camps that we will soon decide upon. We will take opportunity to encourage young refugees there to showcase their talents," Ndayirukiye added.

Source: Rwanda Focus 12 Ocotber 2016