French Actor/Comedian Thomas Ngijol Unveils ‘Black Snake’ – An African Superhero Movie to Compete w/ Black Panther

4 November 2016


Black Snake 250

Two years ago on this blog, I wondered whether French actor/comedian Thomas Ngijol would be the next Omar Sy – as in a French male actor/comedian of African descent, who finds great success in a film that is a hit in his homeland, and eventually becomes a global phenomenon, forcing Hollywood to take notice, as he transplants his family from France to the bright lights of Los Angeles, to capitalize on that interest/curiosity, while still, of course, enjoying a healthy career back home, in France.

Readers of this blog will remember the 2011/2012 French time travel/slavery comedy (“Case Départ”) that Monsieur Ngijol co-wrote and co-starred in (alongside Fabrice Eboué) – a movie that dared to tackle the gravity of slavery via comedy and some sci-fi elements, which was a box office hit in France, and which caused a bit of a stir outside of France, particularly here in the USA, right here on this blog, where many didn’t quite take to the idea of slavery as anything to laugh about.

Keep in mind that this was before “Django Unchained” seemingly kicked off what I fondly came to refer to as “slave movie fever.”

I don’t have any confirmation of whether “Case Départ” ever was officially released in the USA. Although you can buy a region 2 DVD/Blu-ray disc if you’re interested in checking it out. You’ll also find it on YouTube most likely, but it may not be English-subtitled. Read the full article in Shadow and Act here:

Source: Shadow and Act 3 November 2016