Zuku TV relaunches Swahili Channel as competition heats up

18 November 2016


Zuku TV has re-launched its Swahili channel with a foray of new content designed for Swahili lovers.

The channel Zuku Swahili Movies, will effectively change to a general entertainment channel now Zuku Swahili on channel 210 starting November 13, 2016.

Zuku Swahili is set to be the premiere channel of choice in the region on Bongo entertainment with a rich menu ranging from bongo movie titles, bongo swahili series, bongo magazine shows, bongo star search for music, bongo lifestyle talk shows, bongo secular music, bongo taarab music, bongo comedies, bongo weekly gossip, bongo gospel music complications, bongo cooking shows among other shows.

Speaking on the re-launch, Zuku TV Managing Director Jay Chudasama said, “We are excited to showcase to our Swahili lovers the new look Zuku Swahili channel providing the finest bongo entertainment. This channel is a proof of our commitment to the East African viewers that we are evolving to meet the demands of audiences by creating content that’s both timely and compelling.”

The Zuku Swahili channel will be available on Zuku Smart package across all markets with an offering of over 30 channels that includes regional, and a variety of alternative genre channels with the main emphasis on local content.

In addition to new and exciting content set to be showcased on Zuku Swahili channel 210, Zuku has commissioned three movies; Task Force Unit - (Investigative film), Najifunga - (Plight of Albinos) and Wakoloni Weusi - (Corruption in High Office) expected to debut on the channel in December 2016.

Zuku has been adaptable and flexible in meeting expectations that shape up the Pay TV business and it has deeply invested in the growth and success of East Africa's creative and content industries.

The pay TV business has invested over $1,000,000 in acquisition and commissioning Swahili content which have been successfully broadcasted in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Malawi.

Source: Hivisasa 7 November 2016