Africa Nigeria Diaspora TV Show Debuts on DSTV. others in December

2 December 2016


The African entertainment industry has again come alive as a new Television show devoted to showcasing Nigerians in diapora tagged ‘’ Africa Nigeria Diapora TV ‘is billed to hit the airwaves in December.

According to the Producer of the programme, Mr Olumuyiwa Johnson Ojo of Grand Synopsis Media Limited , and Havillah Ventures, South Africa, companies , that provide quality creative, production, and management services in the broadcast, live television, radio and film industry the programme will be beamed live on Planet TV Channel, DSTV , GOTV while discussion is on with TVC International and CITY FM to also hook up on the programme .

Mr Ojo noted that “Africa Nigeria Diaspora TV” is a live 60-minute weekly TV magazine show conceptualized as a platform where Nigerians in diaspora can share experiences with other Diasporans and those at home, voice their concerns regarding various issues affecting them due to their status as immigrants ranging from their challenges, lifestyles, cultural integration, home affiliations, and disposition of embassies as well as their triumphs, problems, and fears.

He added that Africa Diaspora TV will be citizen led initiative and an advocacy tool, which gives a platform offering relevant stakeholders (governments, embassies, Diasporans, those at home, the private sector an opportunity to look objectively at issues and co-create workable and meaningful solutions in ways that will fast-track the desired progress and development needs, which will further bring about a ‘win-win’ situation for all.

On the programmes format and technology , Mr Ojo submitted ‘’ Our Studio is in Lagos Nigeria, it is a Live Magazine programme that will have about 3-4 entertaining and informative segments . We are deploying Technology especially Satellite and fibre optic for stable internet connectivity to the studio, with some other added equipment like Skype Machine to call any of our guest in the world via skype and they show on the Monitor/TV in the studio with seamless and flawless audio.

As he noted, currently trending Nigerian music videos, movies, fashion styles, would be played as interludes to keep people informed on peculiar happenings in Nigeria, while the programme would adopt a CNN style which means live phone calls, and social media feedback would also be fed into the discussion to give it a wholesome representation.

The programme is expected to run every Thursday between 7-8 pm daily with popular show anchors Joseph Benjamin and Frank Idoho being at the driver’s seat.

Source: Press Release Africa Nigeria Diaspora TV .