DISCOP Johanneburg announces Germany as guest country for 2017 edition

25 January 2017


Picture below : Deutsche Welle presentation over Discop Africa 2016 in Johannesburg.

Eco DW Discop 2016


DISCOP Johannesburg - Africa’s leading entertainment content market and co-production forum – will announce a significant partnership with Germany at this year’s European Film Market taking place 9 to 19 February.

As a way of celebrating the sustained and growing presence of German companies at DISCOP Johannesburg since its inception, as well as other major strides within the German film industry including co-productions with South African producers, Germany has been named as DISCOP Johannesburg's 2017’s official guest country.

Alongside a three-day market set to welcome 2 500+ production, commissioning, programming and distribution executives from over 90 countries, a special focus will be placed on relationships between South Africa and Germany, as both countries have signed a treaty for the joint production of film and television works.

The Germany Guest Country programme will include:

◦ A special offer to potential delegates coming from Germany.

◦ The set-up of the GERMANY PAVILION in the main exhibiting floor will host a number of top German production houses.

◦ Keynote speakers from German captains of industry will take place during the opening conference and will bring together international experts invited to explore and analyze the radical changes Africa is experiencing. They will also share their vision and thoughts as new technologies, alternative-funding strategies, and consumers’ habits dramatically impact the entertainment business across the continent.

◦ A gala featuring a cocktail reception and seated dinner will honor the achievements and vision of a German media or tech entrepreneur, innovator, content creator or investor who embodies the spirit and values of cross-cultural collaborations in the entertainment sector.

◦ A special workshop track curated by experts will put under the spotlight Germany’s and South Africa’s elaborate and well-funded incentive and tax rebate programs, their excellent infrastructures, combined pool of renowned talent and highly skilled creative and technical crews. This informative track will also encourage partnerships between producing, writing, and directing talent from both countries.

The Germany, Guest Country programme will also be marked by an initiative to pair compelling, future-proof, and cross-border television series ideas initiated in South Africa with German production companies and content distribution platforms seeking projects that can captivate global audiences.

“With cable networks and streaming services expanding their international footprint and original programming at a dizzying rate, our ambition is to put commercially viable television series projects, co-developed by South Africans and Germans, in front of key creative, production and distribution executives scouting new projects at DISCOP Johannesburg.” says Patrick Zuchowicki, president of the Los Angeles and Johannesburg-based DISCOP Organisation.

The announcement will be made as part of the Africa Hub at the 2017 European Film Market where DISCOP’s Sidebar Programme director, Gert Botes, will present “Destination DISCOP | The #1 Film& TV Marketplace in Africa,” a session that will share the various elements of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest multi-platform marketplace in terms of number of broadcasters, satellite, cable, mobile and streaming services and other key elements.

Source: Screen Africa 19 January 2017