Gravel Road acquires Bino & Fino Animation Series

24 February 2017


Bino & Fino 257

Gravel Road Distribution Group announces their acquisition of Bino & Fino, a Nigerian Kids Animation series.

Gravel Road will be distributing the series in multiple language versions in Africa, North Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Nigerian animation studio, EVCL, is behind the popular African educational cartoon series called Bino and Fino. The show is about the adventures of a brother and sister duo who live in a city in Nigeria. They learn about Africa & the world around them with the help of their magical friend, Zeena the butterfly. Bino and Fino explore topics such as culture, history, geography, science and gender equality.

Adamu Waziri, the creator of the show, realised that there was a lack of children’s programming for Nigerian and African children. “I wanted to create an inclusive show that taught kids all around the world about Africa's rich culture as opposed to the negative narratives that are often shown in the media”. The show aims to provide children with a positive representation of themselves in the media. Something which is currently lacking. This lack of balance and the absence of diversity is detrimental and can influence children to feeling inferior. Instead of waiting for a major network to change the dynamics in cartoons and children-centered programs, he decided to create his own educational animation, which has currently become the highest selling African educational cartoon.

In an interview with CNN, Waziri said that he wanted to "create a brand that's as good as Dora the Explorer, Charlie and Lola, quality wise, made in Nigeria, that is educational, and also shows positive aspects of Nigerian/African culture, not just to Nigerian or African kids but to kids everywhere”.

Gravel Road Distribution Group is a Cape Town based entertainment company that focuses on sales and distribution of quality filmed content across all market channels, in all territories.

Sample Episode

Source: Press Release