Diamond TV in Zambia launched on GOtv

24 March 2017


Formerly known as Mobi Television, Diamond TV was launched on GOtv platform where it can be accessed on Channel 99 in Zambia. The announcement was made by Costa Mwansa, the CEO and former General Manager of Muvi TV.

“I am proud to announce the launch of the Diamond TV programming on Channel 99 on the Go TV Platform as well as on analogue within Lusaka and the surrounding areas. As diamond TV we understand the huge demand for information and quality content in today’s digital space. That is why for us we recognize that “Creative content is king” and that is what we bring to the fore”, declared Costa Mwansa.

According to the CEO, Diamond TV will have a diverse programming and quality content is being proposed to the viewers.

“The way that the world consumes information today is fast changing and this is why as Diamond TV we are set to penetrate and stamp our authority into the digital space of media and break traditional barriers’ of doing business”, he concluded.

Source: NexTVNews