ABS Broadcast launches AMC’s Nolly Africa channel

7 April 2017


ABS Broadcast, the privately-owned playout and broadcast services provider, has launched yet another channel for Africa Movie Channel (AMC) on the Nigerian platform, Inview. The new channel is a Nollywood one and free-to-air which is available around the clock.

A rapid and cost-effective playout is provided by ABS Broadcast, together with a scheduling and project management solution for the launch. The scheduling is operated via ABS’s cloud-based ABSolute Channel Management system.

Yinka Mayungbo and Lola Onigbogi, Managing Directors, commented: “Our other channels are premium services in Nigeria but we had always wanted to branch out with a third channel, so when we were approached with this opportunity we knew it was the right time. ABS Broadcast’s sound expertise and speedy turnaround were invaluable in helping us secure our spot on the platform”.

Nolly Africa is the third channel added to the collection of AMC which consists of AMC and AMC Series. It is to be mentioned that the last two mentioned channels have been supported by ABS Broadcast as well.
Source: NextvNews 4 April 2017