ALTV launches hit prank show from the streets of Cairo

21 April 2017


Hit show ‘Khod Aqolak’ extends ALTV’s presence as the fastest growing digital platform for current entertainment across the Middle East and North Africa

Cairo, Egypt, 18th April 2017: ALTV, one of the fastest growing free streaming services recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa, has found further success in providing exciting and locally relevant content with ‘Khod Aqolak’ after the platform attracted the attention of the show’s star, Ibrahim Farouk.

The show’s title comes from a slang term translating to ‘Let Me Tell You’ and focuses on Farouk’s brazen approach to interviewing everyday people on the streets of Cairo, merging the styles of a prank show with topical discussions. By approaching people with the camera already rolling, and often performing a cheeky action such as helping himself to their drink, Farouk draws out completely natural interactions from unprepared individuals.

Farouk has previously worked in the Egyptian media industry, but experienced problems in finding a platform that shared his vision behind Khod Aqolak. His awareness of ALTV and its mission to turn viewers from across the MENA into digital content creators led to a successful meeting in which ALTV representatives instantly recognized the show’s potential.

The show’s launch comes shortly after ALTV announced the first ever user-generated daily current events show in Egypt, ‘Street’s Point of View’, which has seen rapidly growing audiences tune in to see people on the street share their views on the day’s trending topics at home and abroad.

ALTV is currently expanding across the MENA region, having recently launched in Morocco with a French language platform. As the platform expands further to provide wider audiences with relief from uninspiring local television channels and westernized online alternatives, hit shows including Khod Aqolak will be adapted for each new country that ALTV launches in.

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