Second season of The Vow headed to your screens

18 May 2017


Johannesburg: 12 May 2017 – Zee World brings you the highly anticipated second season of The Vow. The show premieres exclusively on DStv Channel 166 and GOtv Plus Channel 25 on the 31st of May at 19:00.

Following on the heels from the successful run of the first season which rated highly on the channel and proved to be one of the most popular series aired, the new season features more twists and gripping storylines to keep Zee fans watching. The first season ended with the protagonists Vidya and Sagar both dying, Vidya was a beautiful, simple and soft spoken village girl who was influenced into marrying the mentally unstable, wealthy Sagar whom she grew to love, before they were both killed by Sagar’s evil money hungry sister - Sindoora.

The second season resumes with them coming back reincarnated years later, as Amar and Divya. In a twist of fate, Divya is a modern rich girl from London and Amar is a tour guide from Banaras. Amar and Divya eventually meet and like in their previous life are destined to become friends and eventually fall in love. It is then that Divya starts having flashbacks about her life as Vidya. She reminds Amar about their lives together before they died, and although it took him time to remember, he eventually does.

Together they plan their revenge against Sindoora for separating them. Sindoora once again tries to separate Amar and Divya as their union is her biggest threat. Will she be successful or will Amar and Divya finally get their fairy tale ending? Tune in to Zee World to find out.

Source: Press Release