Energy Africa Project: Activist documentary needs your support

18 May 2017


The time has come for the long and twisted tale of South Africa’s energy crisis and the history of its nuclear programme are stories to be told fearlessly and objectively, and most importantly without bias.

Filmmaker and Director Joseph Oesi is the ideal man to bring such critical stories to the fore, already having exposed the mining industry in his acclaimed and powerful 2016 documentary, “Black Lives Matter”.

Oesi is about to take on this challenge and expose one of South Africa’s most burning issues through a new documentary that will be based on extensive research and engagement across South Africa, Africa, and beyond.

Energy Africa is currently launching into production and promises to be an expansive and comprehensive analysis of South Africa’s ongoing energy crisis and the options the country has to solve the electricity problems that have blighted it for more than a decade. The aim of this tell-all documentary is to challenge the status quo towards energy supply and explore new, sustainable alternatives to nuclear plants.

To produce a film of this magnitude will require significant resources for research, site visits, and direct outreach to stakeholders and the various players in the energy sphere. In order to maintain the independence and objectivity of the film, Oesi and his production team have launched a crowd-funding campaign to support the film and its associated research and activism.

Oesi has assembled a team to assist in the early stages of the project that will see an emphasis on research and investigation. Such in-depth and sincere journalism requires the support of individual donors from across the world to make this necessary film become a reality.

Concerned citizens of the world who are interested in supporting Africa’s quest for the truth around this critical energy crisis are invited to support the project by visiting and making a donation of any amount.

Additional planned tactics include panel discussions with local activists and leaders, live performances, and a multimedia website featuring teaching guides and other educational materials. The ultimate product will be both the audio-visual documentary as well as a book that will deliver the detailed report on the discoveries by the production team. To stay up to date with the latest developments and news from the Energy Africa Project: follow on social media: @EnergyAfricaPr and

Source: Press Release