Disney XD premieres heart-thumping, soccer-themed live action telenovela, 11, this May

18 May 2017


Disney XD is about to kick-off on a great football adventure when brand new live action series 11 hits TV screens this month. 11, a telenovela, is centred on gifted teen soccer player Gabo Moreti (Mariano González), who leaves home for a prestigious football academy. Gabo is skilful with the ball; he plays as an attacker and boasts #10 on his jersey. He is passionate about soccer and knows no other way to play the game than with absolute fair play. After arriving at the academy, he will discover truths about his family’s history and lead his team to beat fierce rivals while creating lasting friendships.

The show premieres on Monday, 15 May at 16:50 on Disney XD, DStv Channel 304, in Spanish with English dubbing.

Gabo is a 16-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother Amelia in a picturesque town called Álamo Seco in Argentina. His greatest passion is football. His superb playing skills do not go unnoticed by Francisco (Nicolas Pauls), football coach at prestigious sports-oriented high school IAD (Instituto Académico Deportivo), who decides to offer him a scholarship at the institute and a place in the “Golden Hawks”, the school's official team. Gabo’s adventure begins when he joins IAD. He dreams of becoming a great player, but little does he know that the secrets of his family’s story will be uncovered during this journey.

The school is home to the “Golden Hawks”, the best student football team, which has suffered a major downfall: most of the team's players have dropped out to go to other schools or to join the lower ranks of professional teams. Gabo is a key element to restructuring the team, and this is no good news for Lorenzo (Sebastian Athié), the team's star centre-forward and only remaining player from the original roster. At IAD, Gabo will face numerous challenges, but he won't be alone: he'll have the support of his good friends Ricky (Juan David Penagos) and Dedé (Luan Brum).

Source: Press Release