Algeria approved the launch of new channels

1 June 2017


Algeria will soon allow more TV channels in the country, Hamid Grine, Minister of Communication has planned for around ten new TV channels.

This new regulation will allow to increase the number of legal channel and reduce the illegal ones. On many occasions a quarantine on foreign TV channels has been talked about. Up until now only four channels had an agreement with the country.

To recall, in 2016 Authority of Regulation of the Audiovisual (ARAV) has been created and then the organisation prepared and adopted the specifications of the audiovisual media. It is the ARAV that handles applications for accreditation.

Moreover, the official reassured that the regulatory body had taken into account the behavior of the media which had applied for authorization, in particular the channels which were authorized to cover the electoral campaign of the legislative elections of 4 May.

Source: NexTVNews