Kanal D to launch its own English drama channel in Africa

1 June 2017


During the NexTV CEO Africa conference 2017 held on the 10, 11& 12 May at the Hilton Resort- Mauritius, Kerim Emrah Turna- Director of Sales & Business Development, Americas & Africa at Kanal-D revealed the expansion of the company in Africa. He further announced that Kanal D will launch its own English drama channel for African market.

Can you give us a broad overview of Kanal D activities?

Kanal D is one of the largest media organization in Turkey. We own a major Free-to-Air broadcaster, a Pay TV operator, and a news network which is the Turkish version of CNN network. Moreover, we have a production company along with newspapers and magazines, thus, we dominate an important part of the media landscape in Turkey. Besides our operation in Turkey, we have our Free-to-Air TV channel Kanal D in Romania which is now the second favorite channel in the country.

What is Kanal D positioning in Africa?

Africa has always been an important market and focus for us. Turkish content travels around the world for the last 10 years, it’s rather a new and young business. We are totally aware of the potential of Africa, they have a real taste for drama content and we are well known for this type of content. In Africa, we distribute our content via FTA operators and also with pay TV actors. In fact, we are doing well with our pay TV partners such as Canal+ for TV Novelas, StarTimes and Econet Media. In addition to that, we are now planning to launch our own international drama channel in English language, then we’ll launch the French and Portuguese version.

Kanal D has a deal with StarTimes since 2015, how is this partnership evolving?

We have successfully sold licenses of our content to StarTimes and they are very happy about the outcomes from their audience. They have seen a significant increase in their viewership for one of our flagship shows, ‘Fatmagul’. At that time, this was the first adventure of Kanal D in the Africa market and showed the potential of Turkish drama. We’ll keep supplying content to all our pay TV partners in Africa.

Africa is moving fast, new devices are being introduced for content distribution, how is Kanal D keeping pace with these developments?

An important project within Kanal D is the OTT development which is rather a new business in Turkey. We have started producing original shows for our own OTT platform called BluTV and the platform is available globally. However, we have seen that there is a demand from the local OTT platform and we’ll be partnering with them to further push our content on digital platforms.

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