Karibu Soko Filam, the first film and TV market at ZIFF

1 June 2017


The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is celebrating its 20th year anniversary by introducing the first Film and TV market, SOKO FILAM where industry stakeholders will come together to buy and sell Film and TV content, exchange new ideas, identify alternative channels for distribution, discover the latest technology and innovative business models that are driving the taste, expectations and usage of a rapidly growing consumer base in East Africa.

Soko Filam will run from Wednesday the 12th to Friday the 14th of July 2017 in Stone Town, Zanzibar from 9am – 4pm daily at the Park Hyatt Hotel.


The aim of Soko Filam is to provide a platform where key industry players and influencers within East Africa including Filmmakers, Independent Producers, Broadcasters, Distributors, and other industry stakeholders can engage in the following:-

Attend a full programme of panel discussions and workshops (In partnership with the US Embassy of Tanzania).

   - Form new partnerships through networking.

   - Participate in content forums/conferences.

   - Broaden their expertise during industry training workshops.

   - An opportunity for content developers who are seeking funding opportunities to pitch their content ideas to industry executives and professionals seeking innovative concepts.