Sembene! Across Africa Brings a Filmmaker Home

15 June 2017



This past weekend, people across Africa (and beyond) took part in Sembene Across Africa, an unprecedented community screening of the award-winning documentary film SEMBENE! Grassroots efforts galvanized three days of free public screenings and house parties in 130 venues in 38 nations, plus additional online streaming and network broadcasts in many more. The film, which premiered in competition at the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals, celebrates Ousmane Sembene, the “father of African cinema,” who over the course of decades was the first to shape a meaningful, visionary cinema for a newly independent Africa.

As the filmmakers reported to their Kickstarter backers, “From Dakar, where a group of school children and their families were given instruction on filmmaking, before a screening of the film, to rural Rwanda, where a book club hosted a screening, to Mozambique, where filmmakers gathered other creators, to Burkina Faso, where a screening was held under the stars on a soccer field, Africans were introduced to Sembene’s essential story of self-empowerment through storytelling.”

Following this revolutionary event, which finally brought the film home to Sembene’s native land, we talked with co-director Samba Gadjigo about his impetus for the film and the impact of recent screenings.
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