Brazil supports Botswana in digital TV implementation

30 June 2017

Technology & Convergence

Brazil is providing technical support to Botswana as the only country in Africa to use the Japanese-Brazilian digital TV standard, the ISDB-T. In Brasilia, during a meeting of the two parties, was the exchange of information on acquisition and distribution of antennas and receivers for the new technology. In addition, Brazil proposed that Botswana send a technical delegation to Brazil to monitor the transition process in-house.

In fact, late last year, Botswana was the only SADC member state that refused to commit to adopting the European standard of digital migration, DVB-T2, when the rest of SADC concluded at the Malawi conference, to adopt the European system. The public broadcaster, Botswana Television (Btv) transmitters, which cover 80 percent of the country, are digitally ready and have the ability to be upgraded to DVB-T at less costs. Currently Botswana is carrying out both the DVB-T and ISDB-T technical trials

To recall, the Chinese-Brazilian technology is currently being used by Argentina, Peru, Chile and Venezuela. Until recently, Botswana had not made its stance known regarding which standard of digital migration they will be adopting, sending fears that they could be the odd one in the region using the Japanese model also known as the ISDB digital television system.

Source: NexTV News