South Africa: Local film’s feminism

14 July 2017


A Woodstock-born filmmaker has a future shining brighter as she has landed herself a gig on a Smirnoff campaign titled Change Makers.

Through the campaign 23-year-old Jabu Newman is celebrated for her role in trying to make a difference in the community through her film work that highlights the intersectional feminism in democratic South Africa.

She says the campaign is going to open opportunities for and grow her as a young filmmaker.

“Film is a medium for telling a story using the lens to convey the message. This is really amazing for me.”

She says she participated in the #FeesMustFall protests while she was studying Politics at UCT which introduced her to intersectional feminism, the understanding of how women’s overlapping identities, such as race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination, according to a Smirnoff statement.

She says while feminism aims to move the world toward gender equality and justice for people of all genders, failure to address intersection means that some problems go unaddressed.

Newman says: “A lot of people don’t have access to understanding in an academic way what [intersectional] feminism is. So I wanted to focus on looking at [it] in a practical way that we could understand through seeing everyday examples.”

She says she is working on a semi-autobiographical web series called The Foxy Five which is about the adventures of five feisty and fearless women from Cape Town. Each character represents a different aspect of intersectional feminism.

Source: News24