Angola: Angosat1 signs two reserves contracts

14 July 2017

Technology & Convergence

Luanda - Angola’s first satellite, Angosat 1, signed Monday two reserve agreements with the Public Television of Angola (TPA) and Renatelsat of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

According to the general manager of Infrasat, Diogo de Carvalho, the agreement provides for the sales of services in the domestic and international market, taking into account that the coverage capacity going from South Africa to Italy.

"This process fits the international requirements that recommend reservations up to one year before the launch of the satellite to ensure the profitability of services," he stressed.

According to him, the national companies will make their payment in local currency (Kwanzas) and the telecom operators can from now contact Infrasat to make their band reservations.

Angola’s TPA signed a 32-megahertz contract, while DRC's Renatelsat with 36, but may require more during the use.

At least 80 percent of Angosat 1 services will be sold to the companies in Angola and other countries that will be "lit" by the satellite.

The remaining 20 percent will cover the strategic State and social issues.

The construction of the project (Angosat 1), located in Funda Commune, Cacuaco Municipality, north of Luanda, is set to last 36 months.

Source: Portalangop