Film Blog: We now have a date for the Lights Camera Africa!!! 2017 Film Festival 29 September to 1 October 2017.

11 August 2017


Ugoma Adegoke, who is the curator of the annual event. It will be held at the Federal Palace Hotels, Victoria Island in Lagos.

Even though it is primarily a film festival, it has managed to transcend the barriers without losing its core.

“Recognising the clashing civilisations, overturned norms, emerging trends – the Lights Camera Africa!!! Festival brings to its audiences a reflective presentation of films that it hopes will support a common contemplation on opportunities for a RESET of the weakening world order,” says a release from Adegoke. “Identifying the error of our trajectories and retracing steps, these reflections are even more relevant in the festival’s home of Nigeria which is fighting a perennial sectionalism.

“This year’s festival will present a series of film works and conversations that examine these issues in various spheres – including politics, science and the arts. This year’s programme, will not only provide a forum for open discourse, it will also provide entertainment for all the family over its three-day run.”

Source: The FilmBlog